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People plan and prepare for most events that occur in their lives, yet few prepare for the final event of life-DEATH.

No matter if a death is sudden, or something that was a long time coming, the loss of a loved one makes others feel emotionally overwhelmed.  When loved ones are in a heightened emotional state, even the most basic decisions can seem staggering. By Pre-planning and Pre-arranging, pain can be lessened and peace of mind can come to those left behind.

Who will speak for you if you are not able to speak for yourself? ; Who will determine what kind of care you will have at the end of life? ; What kind of funeral or memorial service do you want? ; How will your finances and possessions be handled? ; How will your estate be distributed? By pre-planning and pre-arranging , “YOU” can make your Final Wishes known before you die.


Final Wishes has been designed and developed to help spare individuals and their families the added burden, both emotionally and financially, of having to make death decisions/arrangements without the knowledge of the deceased person's final wishes. 

We want to give peace of mind to loved ones or friends, who are left behind, by assisting individuals and families in pre-planning their final wishes and ensuring that their final wishes are written, documented, and shared. 


To provide a program that helps to empower individuals and families to pre-arrange and pre-plan their final wishes in eleven different areas. 


Loretta Jo Shaw, Owner & Consultant of Final Wishes, was a leader/facilitator of the GriefShare Ministry at Love & Faith Christian Fellowship in Greensboro, NC from 2007-2016. She has coordinated annual workshops on Will, Funeral and Insurance Planning as part of her duties and responsibilities in the GriefShare Ministry. Ms. Shaw is a retired professional, having worked 43 years in Non-Profit and Public/Government Human Service Agencies. She has a BA Degree in Community Services and is currently enrolled in extended studies with the Stafford Career Institute with emphasis in Funeral Education Program. She was married for thirty-one years and has been a widow since 2006.

“One of the greatest things you can do to help others is not just to share and give what you have, but to help them discover what they have within themselves to help themselves”                                       

-By Rita Zahara

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